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About Us

loanDepot was founded in 2010, stressing ethical and fair lending options. The company boasts 4,500+ employees, including more than 1,500 licensed loan officers. It stands to mention that loanDepot is licensed in all 50 states and operates four online direct-lending business centers.

The company prides itself in its technology platform, which combines robust lead-delivery systems and predictive data in order to better streamline the mortgage lending process. The company understands that figuring out the best mortgage situation for your needs can be stressful, so why not alleviate the stress of the process?

When it comes to the most important facets of mortgage loans – rates, reliability, and research, etc. – loanDepot also has you covered, offering a wide-ranging suite of loan options as well as a “Knowledge Café” equipped with important information you should consider before jumping into any contracts.

Knowledge Café

loanDepot’s Knowledge Café includes helpful articles on a variety of pertinent topics such as how to boost your home’s resale value and the role your credit score plays in getting a mortgage loan. loanDepot also explains many of its products in further detail. The Knowledge Café is a researcher’s dream and should make any inquiring homeowner happy knowing he or she won’t likely have to scour the Internet looking for helpful information on mortgage loans.

Customer Support

loanDepot’s customer support reps are available by phone and by live chat. Phone hours are Mon-Fri 7AM -9PM and Saturday 10AM-5PM.

The Good

loanDepot’s Knowledge Café could be a one-stop-shot for all your mortgage research needs.
Features an FHA loan which could have you put as little as 3% down depending on your credit worthiness.

The Bad

The company could benefit from more special rate offers.

And The Ugly

It would be nice to see a 24/7 support line enacted.

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Products Offered:
  • Fixed Mortgage
    Maximizes your financial security with a fixed rate and payment.
  • VA Loans
    Special loan programs for active military and veterans.
  • ARM Loans
    Could be ideal for those who plan on staying in their homes short-term and for acquiring lower payments.
  • FHA Loans
    Now easier than ever to qualify for, and open to a wider audience, you can put down as little as 3% with this loan option depending on your creditworthiness.
  • Jumbo Loans
    This option offers consistent and secure rates that you can increase at any time.
  • HARP Loans
    Designed to help responsible, underwater and near underwater homeowners refinance their mortgages to a lower rate. Loan-to-value is not a factor for this lending option.