About Us

According to National Mortgage News, Quicken Loans is America’s largest online lender. Founded in 1985, the company has helped over 2 million homeowners finance homes for their families, which is certainly inspiring if you’re wondering what they can do for you. Quicken Loans has over 30 years of top-notch service under its belt as a direct lender. Even so, the company manages to keep modern with calculators and tools you can access directly from your handheld device anywhere, anytime.


The Quicken Loans mortgage calculator helps you get a more realistic impression of what your mortgage payments will be. No matter if you’re looking to calculate refinancing costs, how much you’ll need to save to purchase a home, or how making extra payments effects your interest overtime, the wizard will help you compute those costs.

As an online lender, Quicken Loans also provides access to its calculator and other essential information via its mobile app.

Customer Support

Quicken Loans does a great job ensuring that your questions and concerns are addressed promptly.

  • Their online chat is available M-F 7AM-11PM (EST) and Sat-Sun 9AM-8PM (EST).
  • Their phone representatives are standing by M-F 9AM-10PM (EDT), Saturday 9AM-6PM (EDT), and Sunday 10AM-5PM (EDT).

The Good

Quicken Loans has the reputation to back its impressive suite of mortgage options, helping the homeowner feel comfortable about the choice.
The Quicken Loans mobile app allows you to keep all your mortgage loan data in your pocket at all times.

The Bad

It would be nice to see such an established lender provide a FAQ page to help inquiring homeowners answer some of the most common questions.

And The Ugly

Would be nice to see a clear, step-by-step guide on how to acquire a loan for those who find the process a bit staggering.

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Products Offered:
  • ARM
    Ideal for acquiring the best rates Quicken Loans offers and favorite option for more financially prepared homeowners.
  • FHA Loans
    Features typically lower down payment requirements. FHA’s also offer attractive interest rates with flexible qualification requirements.
  • VA Loans
    These are special loan programs for active military and veterans.
  • YOURgage
    Choose any loan term from 8 to 30 years and get a fixed rate with a low payment.
  • Reverse Mortgage Loans
    For homeowners 62 years and older, this option helps to eliminate your monthly mortgage payment and even opens up the possibility of getting cash back when you need it.
  • Jumbo Loans
    This option offers consistent and secure rates that you can increase at any time.
  • 15 & 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Loans
    Quicken Loans’ most popular option, as it provides an unchanging low payment plan.