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About Us

As a division of approved lending institution, Cardinal Financial Company, Sebonic Financial has been a full-service mortgage banking firm since 1987. Unlike many other mortgage loan providers, Sebonic Financial doesn’t attempt to remove the homeowner from the process in order to employ sneaky tactics. The company makes it a point to keep the homeowner involved every step of the way, making the lending process better, faster, and easier.

Sebonic understands that acquiring a home loan can be a stressful process, so they provide a step by step guide on their website. Their website highlights the steps in the lending process clearly, with a modern interface that gives the company a sense of personality often lacking in other companies.

The Process

  1. Learn about the loan – One of Sebonic’s loan consultants will help explain your loan in detail. This is where you can ask questions and have things explained to you in terms you can understand, which is great because mortgage terminology can be intricate and confusing.
  2. Apply – After your consultation and selection of a loan option, Sebonic carefully walks you through the process of the application.
  3. Gather documents – While many lenders will shuffle a generic list of required documents in front of you, Sebonic once again personalizes the process by offering a tailored selection of documents so that your loan will be processed faster.
  4. Send Documents Securely – Considering how Sebonic controls its own technology, it allows homeowners a safe and secure connection to upload documents directly to its server.
  5. Sign forms – Once again, eliminating the possibility of theft or any inconvenience, you will be able to e-sign documents within Sebonic’s secure network. You’ll also be able to make changes on these documents at any time.
  6. Sit back and let Sebonic take care of the rest. It certainly seems more fitting to have this happen at this step, whereas other companies may want to sell you on this from the start. Sebonic’s transparency certainly puts it in a league of its own.

Customer Support

While Sebonic does pride itself in its safe, secure, and streamlined technology, it also doesn’t undersell the importance of human interaction when it comes to manners of home and livelihood. That’s why its customer support is structured around real reps who share similar experiences with you, often as homeowners themselves.

The Good

Sebonic maintains transparency throughout its lending process, which should help create a sense of comfort.
The modern touch to its website as well as the human-centric customer service team gives Sebonic a personal feel other lenders lack.

The Bad

It would be nice to see more information on the website that delves deeper into the actual loan programs and services Sebonic offers.

And The Ugly

It would be nice to see more tools available online, such as calculators to help homeowners get a better idea of what they’d be in for financially.

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Products Offered:
  • FHA Loans
    This loan type is popular among mortgage borrowers because of the typically lower down payment requirements. FHA’s offer attractive interest rates with flexible qualification requirements.
  • HARP Loans
    Designed to help responsible, underwater and near underwater homeowners refinance their mortgages to a lower rate.
  • VA Loans
    Special loan program for active military and veterans.